BigDelivery is an online food ordering & delivery company founded in 2018 by Big Delivery Sdn Bhd Sdn Bhd who wants to bring conveniences to hungry diners by providing the marvelous delivery service. Our mission is to provide reliable food delivery to diners and at the same time, assisting restaurants to manage their delivery manpower efficiently.

Throughout BigDelivery’s years of serving patrons, we have established partnerships and business acquaintances with large chain outlets that you’re probably familiar with as a foodie, aren’t we all? Venture your heart out into the broad world of culinary wonders with your well known giants in the industries like Sushi King, Cottage Bistro, Morganfield’s, Nandos, Kenny Rogers and Roasters, Old House, Chatime, Teaco and Hopoh Canteen, and many more! We’re also no strangers to outlets of smaller scales as so don’t feel left out if you’re a foodie of a varied preference.

In the spirit of diversifying the food culture and the depth of culinary types of the world around, we’re also keen on ensuring that diners are given the exposure of diversification which allows everyone to have a catch and the enjoyment of the experience of trying something new or that’s out of the norm. As so we provide an array of culinary fields such as Chinese, Western, Fusion, Italian, Korean, Thai, Portuguese, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Indian, Desserts, Pastries of all kinds, your local favorites like Mamak and a whole lot more. You name it!

Meals are delivered to diner’s doorstep with just a few simple clicks. BigDelivery allows diners to enjoy variety of food from more than 500 restaurants at the comfort of their own premise hassle free!

Paying your food is also as flexible as you can want it to be, at BigDelivery we hold no barriers against customers who insist on paying by cash. Not a fan of handling notes in your wallet, no problem, process your transactions with your credit or debit card.

In the norm of also enhancing user capabilities on the go, diners can also simply download our available application for free from the Google Playstore or the Appstore and use it to suite your convenience on a portable smartphone!

We also believe in the name of customer loyalty and giving back as our loyalty program ensures to reward customers in return for their consecutive and continuous support that has kept us on our feet and driven us more and more.

Now that’s convenience at your fingertips. Your tummy’s satisfaction, is our top Priority. Our delivery services are available from 11am-9pm daily. For more info, please contact For immediate response, contact our friendly customer service department at +6011-11666 0081 from 9am – 9:00pm daily.